Team Evanston Referee Clinic

Team Evanston is set to host a referee certification clinic on March 2nd, 2014 from 8am-5:00pm at Robert Crown Community Center. Receiving a certification is a pre-requisite for refereeing with our club, so anyone interested has to take this course and pass. Please note that even if you were certified in 2013, that certification has expired so you must renew again. If you cannot make the March 2nd course, there are plenty of others around the Chicago area that you can take. When searching for other courses be sure to select the "Referee Clinic - Assistant Referee" option from the drop down menu. The course costs $75 which Team Evanston will reimburse you as long as you referee some games with us this calendar year. You will need to pay the $75 to take the course and the club will reimburse you when you get your next paycheck. 

Date: Sunday, March 2nd
Times: 8am-5pm (you cannot arrive late or leave early, doing so will result in failing the course)
Cost: $75 (payment instructions given after you register)
Click Here to Register  with the Illinois Referee Committee for our certification course. 

Deadline: You must make sure that you register before either the clinic fills up or registration closes on Sunday, February 23rd.

If you have any questions regarding the course or being apart of Team Evanston Referee Course please send an email to info@teamevanston.org.

Assistant Referee Program

General AR Program Info:

Referees select games to referee based on their own schedules. Team Evanston uses a web-based program, thearbiter.net, for game assignments. 

U08-U09: $0 This level games will only be taken by players who are U12 and are in training
U10: $20 per game
U11-U12: $25 per game
U13-U14: $30 per game
U15-U18: $40 per game (only our most experienced/qualified referees can be assigned to this age group)

U12 Parents Please Read- 

We are offering players who are currently U12 to start in our program now. Since there are no certification courses held after April of every calendar year, we are offering U12s to get certified now, get some U08-U10 games under their belt during the spring season and gain some experience for the fall season when they will be able to referee older games.