What are the ages for participation in Team Evanston?

We offer U8-U12 travel soccer for boys and girls. In addition to the travel program, we have a Pre-Travel program for 5 to 7-year-olds, which offers weekly practices and weekend games against other neighboring clubs.

How long is the season?

When you register for Pre-Travel or U8, all seasons are optional. You can register for all three seasons you would prefer (this is the best value). For U9 and U10, players are committing to the fall and spring seasons. The winter season (indoor) is not included in the fees unless a player purchases the annual registration (best value). For U11-U12 players, when a player registers, you are committing to play in the fall, winter (indoor), and spring.

Is team placement ability based?

Yes, for U8 and above.

Is this an Evanston Park District program?

No, but we are an affiliated program. Being an affiliated program gives us access to fields in Evanston.

How far do we have to travel for games?

Team Evanston teams are entered into travel soccer leagues that service the Chicagoland area. These leagues seed teams based on both ability and geography meaning most league games are against teams within 30-minutes of Evanston. However, based on ability level seeding by the travel leagues, some divisions may have games against teams requiring a longer drive. As a reminder, there are 8 league games each Fall and 8 league games each Spring. Teams should have only 4 away games during each of these seasons.

When are games played?

Games can be played on either Saturday or Sunday. Occasionally, there are games that need to be rescheduled and games could be played during the week or on Friday evenings.

Do you provide financial assistance?

Scholarships are available on a first-come first-served basis to families who qualify. The club has a scholarship application which can be found during the registration process or by signing into Sprocket Sports (select financial aid from the drop-down menu). Payment plans are available to all players. Families can choose to go on a payment plan during registration.

My child has decided not to play. Can we have a refund of our fees?

Team Evanston fees are non-refundable.

When will our team practice?

Teams begin practicing in mid August. The Team Evanston office will post practice dates and times during the summer.

My child has a conflict with the practice date/time. What can be done about that?

Our club understands that conflicts with other sports or activities can occur for some players. In the event that your child cannot attend practice, you should contact your coach and let him or her know. If there is an ongoing conflict that extends beyond one or two practices, you should discuss alternative options directly with your child’s coach.

What should my son/daughter wear/bring to tryouts?

Soccer cleats, shin guards covered by socks, a properly inflated soccer ball, a water bottle, and a positive, high-energy attitude are required for tryouts.

My son/daughter has a conflict with the tryout schedule. What should we do?

The club recognizes that outside factors such as injuries, family or school commitments, and travel plans may conflict with tryouts. The club will always give players opportunities to tryout at a training session or camp. However, it is important for parents to understand that in order for a player to have the best possible evaluation, that player needs to attend all tryouts for his/her age group. It is the parent’s responsibility to check the tryout schedule and ensure that the player attends all tryouts, as well as contact the club at info@teamevanston.org if there is a conflict with any of the dates or times.

What is required of me as a parent?

Your main task is to sit back, and enjoy and support your child. You are also expected to get your child to and from practices and games on time, as well as communicate with your coach as needed.

My child plays multiple sports. I am sure there will be conflicts. What do we do?

We encourage you to attend all practices and games. We ask that you inform your coach of any conflicts.

How many teams does Team Evanston field? How big are teams?

The number of teams fielded is dependent upon the number of players trying out as well as the number of players that register. The number of players on a team varies by age group.

When will I know if my child has made a team?

Tryout results will be posted on our website within 48 hours after the tryout period concludes.

If I have a complaint or issue, what should I do?

The first step is to talk to your child’s coach. If your issue cannot be resolved, the next step is to contact the Director of Coaching. Contact information can be found under the Contact tab.

What is indoor soccer?

Indoor soccer typically takes place January-March. During that time, teams practice once a week and play one game per week.

My child wears eyeglasses. What is acceptable eyewear during games?

For games and practices they can wear sports goggles. The league does not allow for regular glasses to be used during games.