No Pay No Play Policy

Team Evanston will work with players on payment plans and does offer financial aid for those players who qualify. Families must complete the request for aid to have their aid level determined.

Families who do not make their payments on-time are notified that their player will be suspended from play until the payment due has been resolved.

Per league rules, players requesting a transfer or a release from the club must have paid in full. This is the amount due based on the commitment made during registration. Per the IWSL rules, players cannot transfer between IWSL clubs until after January 1st of that same playing year.

Parent and Guest Sideline Behavior

Parents and guest are expected to respect the players, coaching staff, referees, opponents, and the game according to our ESA values and our parent code of conduct. Our guidelines and suggestions for sideline behavior can be found in the document to right.


Even though no lightning safety guidelines will give 100% guaranteed safety, the following protocols have been made clear to the directors and coaching staff regarding lightning.

  • Lightning Detection System - At James Park and Robert Crown, there is a lightning detector. The detectors sound when lightning is close, signaling the directors and coaching staff to immediately move players to the park's shelters. Training will be delayed for 30 minutes at a minimum but will not exceed the training session’s scheduled end-time. Therefore, the directors and coaches may notify parents that training is cancelled due to the lightning’s timing and that they should pick their player up from the park's shelter.
  • 30/30 Rule - When lightning is seen, we count the time until we hear thunder. If this time is 30 seconds or less, players will be asked to move to the park's shelter.
  • If a developing thunderstorm is nearby, we may stop play even before the first lightning flash. Please note, however, that we do play in rain. Games are not called off due to rain as soccer is played in all conditions, so we will train in rain when the fields can handle the saturation and the rate of rain is light.
  • Players should not leave their shelter and return to the field until they are directed to do so by the coaching staff. The directors will monitor the situation and inform coaches and players when it is safe to return to the fields. Under no circumstances should a player return to the fields until they are given direction from the coaching staff. All items left on the field can be retrieved by the coaching staff after the storm has passed.

Safe Sport and HEADS UP Concussion Training

Our organization follows state guidelines to complete child safety and risk management training for all our coaches, team managers, and board members. Each year our coaching staff, team managers, and club leadership completes Safe Sport training about misconduct and all are subject to a background check. Furthermore, coached, team managers, administrators and board members also complete the CDC's HEADS UP concussion training.