Why Us?

Why choose Team Evanston?

Team Evanston is a competitive, community-based soccer club that focuses on individual growth and player development. We are an organization that believes in the power of sport to connect people and to positively impact a young person's physical, mental, and social development.

Although based in Evanston, the Club attracts players from neighboring communities, and through our affiliation with the Chicago Fire Juniors, we are able to offer a wide range of programs, including pathways to the highest levels of youth soccer at the Chicago Fire Academy.

The true strength of Team Evanston is grounded in the "3 C's": Coaches, Community, and Core Values.


Team Evanston has an exceptionally talented and passionate coaching staff, some who have played at the college and professional level before becoming youth soccer coaches.

We believe the best measure of a coach is how he or she inspires young players to be their best selves both on and off the field. Our coaches are demanding, yet supportive, and are intentional about being positive, professional, and purposeful.


Our coaches are trained in the use of positive coaching techniques that emphasize effort over results as a way of motivating players to work toward reaching their fullest potential. The Club also invests in ongoing coach training programs through the Positive Coaching Alliance ("PCA") and the Chicago Fire Juniors organization. Recently, two of our coaches, Almir Hot and Dule Radovanovic, were recognized for their outstanding leadership by the Positive Coaching Alliance and were named as National Finalists for the Double-Goal Coach Award.


Our coaches are paid professionals who take their jobs seriously. We expect the highest standards of professionalism from them, and they, in turn, expect the same from their players. These expectations teach young athletes responsibility for things like being on time, arriving prepared with the correct gear, and comporting themselves with dignity in all circumstances.


To us, the game of soccer transcends the field, and our coaches work diligently to instill the Club's values and be positive role models, understanding that the ultimate objective is the long-term development of each player, instead of just focusing on the win. To reinforce these objectives, Team Evanston provides regular evaluations and feedback to the coaching staff, ensuring their ongoing professional development.



Team Evanston aims to create a supportive group of players, coaches, and parents all working together for the benefit of the community. The many hours spent in carpools, practices, games, and tournaments are wonderful opportunities to build friendships, have fun, and create fond memories. The Club also organizes several annual events throughout the year aimed at fostering community and gratitude:

ESA SOCCER DAY — Annual fun festival that raises money for Team Evanston scholarships

ESA APPRECIATION NIGHT — An annual club social that with our dedicated coaches and amazing team managers showing our gratitude for all they do

TEAM EVANSTON NIGHTS — Special admission offers and on-field opportunities at Northwestern University, Chicago Fire soccer games, and ETHS high school soccer games

GIVING BACK — Volunteer opportunities for players to engage in community service projects, as well as job opportunities with the Club's Assistant Referee training program

Core Values

Our Mission

Foster the love of soccer and encourage personal growth from the life lessons learned through training and competition.

Our Values


Respect for our coaches, referees, teammates, and competitors is the foundation of our club's values.

This value is instilled on many levels, going beyond the pitch and into the community.


Teamwork is the collective spirit, driving force, and lasting bond that unites our players and fuels their success, on and off the pitch.


Our players are continually challenged to overcome obstacles big and small.

Their determination to succeed builds a passion to persevere in both soccer and life.


Playing soccer is fun. Our goal is to cultivate the joy that comes from learning and participating in healthy competition.

The Experts Weigh In

It is well established that organized team sports make kids healthier physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Kids who engage in athletics develop better motor skills, are more confident, and have better social skills than kids who do not. Studies have also shown that kids who are physically active are less likely to smoke, use drugs, or engage in risky behavior. They perform up to 40% higher on standardized tests and are 15% more likely to go to college. Unfortunately, 70% of all kids quit organized team sports by the time they reach the age of 13. That is why we at Team Evanston believe it is critical to put equal emphasis on player development as well as player retention as we focus on our club values of teamwork, passion, perseverance, and fun for all.