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We've added TopTekkers!

TopTekkers is an at-home technical training app for players! Players can work through technical at-home challenges progressing from simple to more complex levels.

Soccer at Home

For all our at-home activities and challenges, we highly recommend parents help players identify safe spaces for their player(s) to play.

Coach in Focus: Almir Hot

For Coach Almir, soccer is connected to much of his life. Not only is he involved in soccer as a youth coach and program director, but he also sees the many benefits of how soccer connects to other situations in life.

Coach in Focus: Kuba Piotrowski

Soccer is at the center of Coach Kuba’s life, whether it is watching it, playing it, or coaching it. For Coach Kuba, soccer is his passion, and he doesn’t feel like his life would be complete without it.

Coach in Focus: Milos Stojiljkovic

Milos is Team Evanston’s longest-serving coach. After five years in the Evanston area, he joined Team Evanston as a coach in 2010 where he has been coaching Team Evanston and CFJNS players for nearly 10 years.

Illinois Skill Schools teams up with Team Evanston

This spring, Team Evanston and Illinois Skill Schools have teamed up again to offer Team Evanston U8-U12 players additional technical training opportunities.

Coach in Focus: Chris Fera

Chris Fera loves soccer and he loves to coach! In fact, it is his passion. He knows that it’s important to find something in life that is important to you, and through the game of soccer, he has found it!

Coach in Focus: Josha Kruvand

In 2018, Josha Kruvand began coaching for Team Evanston, but she began her coaching career in her own neighborhood by first coaching the younger players. She thinks coaching was just “in her blood” since ...

Champions at the Winter Classic

Fourteen Team Evanston teams competed in the CFJ City Winter Classic. This annual event for our club was made convenient this year with games moved from the Fire Pitch in Chicago to Quad ...

Coach in Focus: Dule Radovanovic

Like other great coaches, Coach Dule understands that there is more to coaching than just the tactics of the game. He has coached teams to numerous tournament and league victories but knows that he must connect with his players to help them reach their fullest potential to achieve true success.

Coach in Focus: Senad Hot

At CFJNS, we know coaching is about far more than just putting down cones and organizing players. We view our role as being responsible for both developing the players and the person. Coach Senad models this.

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