Coach in Focus: Milos Stojiljkovic

Getting to know Coach Milos, a teacher of soccer

With a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, Milos Stojiljkovic brings the perspective of a teacher and his expertise in instructing physical movement and play on the soccer field. Coach Milos earned his degree in Serbia before moving to the Washington DC and Baltimore metro area at the age of 25. After living in the nation’s capital for approximately six months, Coach Milos relocated to Chicagoland where he has been ever since.

At home with Evanston Soccer Association

Milos is Team Evanston’s longest-serving coach. After five years in the Evanston area, he joined Team Evanston as a coach in 2010 where he has been coaching Team Evanston and CFJNS players for nearly 10 years. Far from home in Serbia, Coach Milos came specifically to this community in order to continue his soccer education and to put his knowledge into practice.

Coaching with purpose, a values-driven approach

Milos has a long history with soccer. He began playing in elementary school, and since, he has continued to engage with the game as both a player and as a coach. Before moving to the US, Milos played for numerous teams in Serbia.

He knows that he has benefited in numerous ways from his involvement with soccer. Many important life skills were developed from being on the pitch with his teams, both as a player and a coach, including respect, a positive attitude, patience, a strong work ethic, responsibility and much more. So many of those attributes relate directly to our club’s core values, specifically to integrity, discipline, gratitude, and excellence. Coaching has become his life’s work and instilling these values in his players is important to Milos as a coach. Each of the Team Evanston and CFJ North Shore values are important to Coach Milos and they are present in his communication with players and in the ways he creates structure to his training.

Coach Milos finds it rewarding to work with his players and to see them grow, both as soccer players and people. With the Club's values as a guide, he sees the players’ growth accelerate. There is nothing he enjoys more than seeing a player accomplish something that they really think they couldn't do. As a coach, he sets goals for himself in the role of coach and mentor. He wants to foster a lifelong love of soccer, similar to the love that he has for the sport, as well as a sense of passion for the game. He also sees his job as a coach as one that includes modeling the important behaviors and characteristics that make people who they are including the ability to have a good sense of sportsmanship, integrity, respect for others and humility. Coach Milos clearly wants to help his players be the best people they can be.

Coach Milos coaches Team Evanston's U9 Girls Orange (2011) and U10 Boys
White (2010). He also coaches the Chicago Fire Juniors U14 Boys Premier
Red (2006) team and the U16 Boys Premier Red (2004) portion of the U16
Boys player pool.