Coach in Focus: Senad Hot

Senad Hot joined CFJ North Shore in July 2018. Originally the Director of CFJNS Boys, Coach Senad is now as Director of CFJNS Boys and Girls. He is often found at the fields with our coaches and players to observe and provide feedback. He is conscientious about the impact of his work and takes pride in both his leadership and coaching.


Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, Coach Senad moved to St. Louis, Missouri, in 1999. He attended Quincy College and earned his degree in Finance as well as played soccer at the college level. After college, he played soccer professionally, both in Serbia and St. Louis. Senad holds a USSF C License and coaches in the club with both Team Evanston and CFJ North Shore. He is one of many coaches on the staff that has significant coaching and playing experience to complement his advanced coaching education.


At CFJNS, we know coaching is about far more than just putting down cones and organizing players. We view our role as being responsible for both developing the players and the person. We want to offer kids an experience that can help them improve as their technical, tactical, and physical abilities, but also develop their socio-emotional skills as well.

Coach Senad models this as he takes time at training sessions to connect with the players he coaches with specific, individual instruction. He encourages his teams to work effectively together and will challenge players to give their best at all times. Furthermore, he takes time to observe games throughout the club as well as at local high schools where he reconnects with CFJNS players who are not currently in-season with the club.

Like many of our staff, Senad is both professional and approachable. Many players and parents appreciate his open-minded attitude and willingness to explain his perspective.

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Leading by example

The CFJNS values are at the heart of who we are and what we do. We look at our coaches as technical leaders for teams but also as role models for our young players. Coach Senad, like the rest of our coaching staff, is competitive. But he also is humble, disciplined, and honest in his approach. Speak or watch him at work and one can see a coach who is passionate, professional, and committed.

While working with Senad, I don’t find him over-coaching, micro-managing the player’s decisions, or over-delivering his coaching. He guides. He suggests. He explains. This is positive coaching. This is what we expect from our coaches. We want them to be role models, teachers, as well as excellent instructors of soccer. We find this in Coach Senad. ~ Executive Director, Ryan