Coach in Focus: Kuba Piotrowski

Coach Kuba was born in Poland, but moved to the Chicagoland area in 1996 when he was in middle school. It was here in Chicagoland Coach Kuba began his soccer career and it has been at the center of his life ever since. Coach Kuba attended the University of Illinois at Springfield, where he was captain of the men's soccer team, and earned his Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Communication with a minor in Criminal Justice. In 2015, Coach Kuba joined the coaching staff of Team Evanston/CFJNS (then called Eleven United), after coaching with other local clubs and high schools.

The Role of Soccer

Soccer is at the center of Coach Kuba’s life, whether it is watching it, playing it, or coaching it. For Coach Kuba, soccer is his passion, and he doesn’t feel like his life would be complete without it. He still plays with AAC Eagles in an adult league. Coach Kuba knows the benefits of soccer both physically and mentally. Being a member of a team, Coach Kuba knows that he has learned skills that help him in his day to day life, such as working as a group toward a common goal as well as how to develop one’s passion. Both examples tie into the CFJNS values of excellence and passion in his life each day.


Coach Kuba focuses his coaching on helping his players learn the numerous lessons and values that come from the sport. He knows firsthand that this learning and guiding will help each player become a better person in the way that soccer can. His own soccer coaches have had a big influence on his coaching career and the person he has become. Each coach had different traits that taught Coach Kuba something different and he knows that he has a part in the lives of his players in that same way.

As a coach, Coach Kuba does not consider himself a “trophy” coach. Of course, he likes when his teams win, but he knows there is so much more. As a player and coach, he has won, lost, and tied many games, but he focuses on all of those moments with the understanding that coaching is more than just winning and that it is instead about the important life lessons learned through training and competition. The rewards of coaching are meaningful to Coach Kuba, and he likes nothing more than seeing the smile on a player’s face that demonstrates the joy of playing the game he loves so much.

Club Values at Coach Kuba’s Core

Both on and off the field, the club values help guide Coach Kuba in his day to day life, providing structure and guidance. Coach Kuba is a leader and teacher with his teams and the club values are at the core of what he does with his players, as well. The three most important values he sees are Respect4Others (TE), Passion (TE/CFJNS), and Family (CFJNS). Coach Kuba instills these values with his teams at training and games and he believes his players will learn the importance of each through their time with him.

Respect4Others is a key focus as he knows that players need to respect their coaches, teammates, opponents, and referees, as well as themselves. With the many interactions that players have with others at both practice and games, they can learn how to do things in a respectful way. Passion for the game develops through training sessions and while coming together during the competition of games. The more teams play and compete together, the more that passion builds into a love of the game. And successes, large and small, help that love of soccer grow, as well. Coach Kuba exhibits his own passion for the game in his training and attitude each day. But for Coach Kuba, the most important value is family, and to Coach Kuba, it’s all about being a family both on and off the field, undivided and unified in focus. Family in soccer and family in life are the foundation that everything else is built upon.

Coach Kuba coaches Team Evanston's U10 Bloys Blue (2010) and U11 Girls Orange (2009). He also coaches the Chicago Fire Juniors U14 Boys Premier (2006) team and the U19 Boys Premier (2001). Coach Kuba also coached in the 2019-20 Fire Juniors Emerging Talent Program in Lake Forest and Las Vegas, NV.