Goalkeeper Program

Team Evanston has a goalkeeping program to support the development of young players interested in this unique position. Goalkeeping is a crucial and important playing position on all teams. Our objective is to provide the technical and decision-making foundations for goalkeepers through our weekly training sessions dedicated to only to goalkeepers and in addition to their team training. Please note that there is no charge for goalkeeper training. Also, we will invite players that express interest in the Goalkeeping position to the Goalkeeper TeamSnap group, "Goalkeeper Union," where training schedules and other information on the position are shared.

Goalkeepers are each team's last line of defense and the first line of offense. To train them for their unique position we may cover the following topics in our training sessions. All our training sessions are coached by a certified goalkeeper coach.

  • Shot stopping
  • Safe handling from central and wide angles
  • Footwork
  • Angle play
  • Closing the attacker 1v1
  • Distribution with the hands
  • Distribution with the feet

Jove Bogdanovski

Goalkeeper Coach

Open Registrations

3v3 Training Camp
Thankful Classic 3v3 Tournament
Shooting and Finishing Camp
2021-22 Pre-Travel Team Registrations
Micro League Soccer
Bring a Friend Week
Registration is open to all friends of current players interested in joining Team Evanston