Micro League Soccer

Introductory soccer classes run by Team Evanston with the Evanston Park and Recreation Department

Micro League Soccer introduces players to soccer through fun soccer specific activities that engage each player’s imagination under the guidance of our professionally licensed coaching staff. During our training, players will learn different ball mastery skills to control the ball, evade defenders, and score goals! The training sessions at 1 hour long but broken into 15-minute blocks. These blocks will include a fun, skill-of-the-day warm-up activity, imaginative skill training activity, and two conditioned games for skill development. Players are grouped into "teams" each week for the conditioned games and records are not kept week to week. The concentration is on the player's skill acquisition and enjoyment of the sport, rather than team records and rankings. This program will prepare players for our pre-travel program and is a great introduction to learning soccer in a fun, developmentally appropriate environment. After the first child there is a 10% multi-child discount.

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Program Director

Stuart Mattison

Director, Pre-Travel and U8

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