Midfield Maestro

The midfielder can control the game with his/her vision, ball control, and selection of pass. A midfielder can push the game forward by playing quickly toward goal or keep the tempo in a game by finding passes that help control the possession of the ball. It is a position where risk v. reward must be weighted as midfielders link the attackers to the defenders.

Our Playmaker and Advanced Playmaker courses address the key moments of changing the game. Decisive passing, turning out of pressure, and creating space are the key technical topics that coaches will focus on during this course.


The Playmaker Course concentrates on the techniques used by midfielders to serve the game. These include identifying key passes and the different techniques to disguise key passes, training technical skills to escape enclosing defensive pressure, and practicing the fundamental concepts of when to break defensive lines with a pass, when to drive into space on the dribble, and when to take long range shots on goal. Technique and decision making in common midfield scenarios for 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11 will be a focus throughout the course.


The Advance Playmaker course focuses on total control of the ball from the ground and the air, as well as challenging players use of the midfield’s space. The coach will discuss prioritizing the playmaker’s selection of passes, including identifying the game’s clues to know when each passing option is preferred. The course focuses helping the playmaker learn to orchestrate the tempo of the game through training activities with specific tactical scenarios. Players in this course will be challenged with decision making, speed of play, and timing the pass. At the conclusion of this course, players will have received information to becomes kings/queens of the midfield.

Midfield Maestro skill development

Our Midfield Maestro Camp gives position specific instruction for decision making techniques. Specific instructions include;

  • Ball Mastery | close control and two-footed skill development
  • Game-specific vision | increased off-ball scanning and spatial awareness
  • Talent development | introduce a greater range of first touch control techniques and improving the selection of 1-v-1 moves to attack the goal on the dribble
  • Soccer-specific body control | enhanced balance for greater disguise and capacity to be ‘unpredictable’
  • Competitive mentality | cultivating players who represent themselves with confidence and integrity
  • Score more goals | maximizing opportunities to the greatest effect for the team and the individual player to score!


  • Specific technical instruction during the conditioned small-sided games
  • Builds each day’s training session from simple to complex
  • Gradually introduces pressure and tighter spaces to allow players to move through the instruction with confidence


    • Playmaker Course: June 21st - June 24th (4:30-6:00pm)
    • Advanced Playmaker Course: June 28th - July 1st (4:30-6:00pm)

    LOCATION: Robert Crown Turf Fields │ 1801 Main Street │ Evanston, IL 60202

    PRICE: $175 per course

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