Summer 3v3 Training

Leading up the 2nd annual Live 3v3 tournament on July 24th at James Park, Team Evanston is offering 3v3 training for individual U7-U19 players and 3v3 teams interested in learning the tactics and techniques used in 3v3 play. Each day, players will work on improving attacking and defending techniques by concentrating on specific technical skills and by using small-sided games. Training will include attacking 1v1 skills, defending 1v1 techniques, tactical decision making during quick transitions, combination passing and goal scoring.

Camp training themes include:

  • Overloading the attack to create 2v1 numerical advantages
  • Quick combination passing to enter scoring zones
  • Deceiving and evading a defender to finish
  • Balancing the attack to stop counter attacks
  • Delaying and denying space for teammates to defensively recover
  • Setting up ‘pressure pockets’ for ball recovery and launching counter attacks
  • Positive competitive mentality to increase team unity and decrease negative reaction


  • 3v3 Training: July 12-15 (4:30-6:00pm)
  • 3v3 Tournament Prep: July 19-22 (4:30-6:00pm)

LOCATION: Robert Crown Turf Fields │ 1801 Main Street │ Evanston, IL 60202

PRICE: $175 per week

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