Illinois Skill Schools

U8-U12 players can sign up for additional training sessions held at James Park. Lead by Illinois Skill Schools, players will work with Illinois Skill Schools' trained coaches on individual skills of the game. Sessions are being held on Fridays at James Park.


Illinois Skill Schools' "Numbers Approach Methodology" brings the best skill development methods from all over the world to Team Evanston with particular influence from Brazil, Holland, England, and Spain.

The methodology starts with one player: the individual. Each player is guided toward complete mastery of the ball, encouraged to make decisions of their own, and equipped with over 60 individual skills to help win the individual competitions that take place during every game. Additional players are then added to the practice progressively (two players, three players, and four players) to recreate the small numbers situations that take place during every game culminating in the 4 v 4 model, adopted by the youth academies of the world's finest professional clubs.

Players are encouraged to isolate players through creative skills, movement, or combinations in order to create "numbers up" situations within each game or exercise. The numbers approach maximizes the number of touches, decisions, and combinations for each player during each practice.


"Practice never ends." Players are encouraged to extend the practice to home by practicing their skills independently. The 60+ skills taught by Illinois Skill Schools are broken down into groups based on the level of difficulty and type of skill. Based on the martial-arts belt system, players are rewarded when they master a group of skills with a different colored skill band. This helps develop freedom and focus for young players.

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