2020-21 Registration for Returning Players

Re: Registration for 2020-21 Soccer is Open Today!

Dear players and parents,

Despite the uncertainty presented by the ever-changing Covid-19 situation, we are very much looking forward to the 2020-21 soccer year.

As of today, May 16th, we are opening registration for the 2020-21 season to gain player commitments for next year. As a reminder, these commitments are necessary for the club to make specific plans this summer for 2020-21 teams, coaches, training schedules, and leagues. Unlike previous years, no new dollars or deposits are being collected during this registration period for returning players, given the strong possibility of a Spring season cancellation. If the Spring season is cancelled, returning players will be issued a credit to be applied to next year’s fees. For players not electing to return next year to our club, they can either request a refund or donate their refund to the club.

For a Spring season cancellation scenario, the total amount of credits/refunds will be based on the costs which will have been saved by the cancellation of the 2020 Spring season, including expenses for coaches, leagues, tournaments, fields, etc. These amounts reflect the reality that some expenses could not be 100% recouped, such as leagues and tournaments, and that some club overhead expenses were fixed. Additionally, our customers pay for their team/club fees according to a variety of schedules, so individual credits/refunds vary based on how many seasons you paid for and the amount of financial aid or outstanding debt.

A team-specific email will be sent to each team today via TeamSnap with the credit/refund amount for that age group (for a spring season cancellation scenario), but it will not include specific adjustments for personal circumstances. Specific credit/refund amounts for each player will be finalized and communicated if/when the Spring season is cancelled in the coming weeks. Returning players will automatically have those Credits applied to their 2020-21 fees; non-returning players seeking cash Refunds will be issued those dollars later this summer/fall when we initiate the Fall season.

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We look forward to a future full of soccer!

Ryan C. French
Executive Director
Evanston Soccer Association

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What is next for our club and soccer?

Starting next week (the week of May 18), we will begin offering additional online Zoom-based training sessions as well as continue with the TopTekkers program. Zoom sessions will be organized by age group and thus will enable players to interact with teammates/clubmates. More detail will be sent to teams via TeamSnap next week.

If/when the Evanston/Chicagoland area moves to Phase III under the Governor’s Restore Illinois plan, and the City of Evanston permits small group training, we are prepared to offer socially-distanced small group training (9 players and 1 coach abiding by all social distancing guidelines and safe return-to-play practices).

How will my player(s) be placed on a team for the 2020-21 season?

Once on-field training can begin for the 2020-21 season (currently scheduled for the week of August 17), players will be evaluated by the coaching staff and placed on teams. While some other clubs are conducting virtual tryouts now to evaluate players to organize 2020-21 teams, we do not believe that this is a reliable or accurate method for player placement. We take pride in our club’s ability and process to fit players to the appropriate level of play, and we also recognize that player development can occur between March 2020 and August 2020. In sum, we want to ensure that all players are given equal opportunity for an appropriate team placement for next year.

What if new players want to join?

New players are welcome and encouraged to join our club. Please tell your friends to check us out! Registration is now open to all players for the 2020-21 season, through May 31. Player evaluations and team placements will be conducted when we begin our 2020-21 season (scheduled for the week of August 17). We will do our best to ensure that all players are placed appropriately on teams; if there ends up not being a fit for any new player within our club, we will return any commitment and recommend other options.

Why are we taking commitments now for 2020-21?

When entering any season or year, travel soccer clubs like ours need to budget for and contract staff, facilities, and other programming in advance. In order to make responsible commitments for facilities and staff, we need to know the number of players and teams likely to play in the coming year. We remain very motivated to bring back our talented coaching staff and plan to contract them for the 2020-21 year based on the commitments we receive in May. This year, however, the club is not requiring the usual deposit until we gain more clarity on programming for the 2020-21 season.

Why did we have to furlough the coaching staff?

As a non-profit soccer club, Evanston Soccer Association operates within the confines of a strict annual budget with minimal reserves. As uncertainty increased and stay-at-home orders took effect, we acknowledged the likelihood of a significant delay or cancellation of our season, which we believed would warrant some degree of refunds or credits. Unfortunately, the club did not have the financial resources to both continue to pay our contracted staff and to commit credits/refunds to our families. Because we knew that our staff would be eligible for enhanced unemployment benefits under the Federal Paycheck Protection Program, we elected to furlough the coaches until we are confident on-field soccer can resume.

When can I expect my refund for the spring season?

For returning players, the credit/refund for the spring season will be applied to your 2020-21 fees (in lieu of the standard deposit). For non-returning players, if you are requesting a refund, refunds will be paid out after we begin collecting registration fees for the 2020-21 season (scheduled for later this summer/fall). We understand our customers’ interest in receiving these refunds as soon as possible; unfortunately, as a club with minimal cash reserves to fund our ongoing operations over the next few months, we ask for your patience in this process. We recognize these customer refunds as top priorities and are committed to refunding these dollars to those who request them. Given some uncertainty about the start date of the 2020-21 season, we are deferring the collection of registration fees (which typically funds our operations in the summer months); in sum, we are issuing refunds as soon as we are in a cash position to do so.

Can my credit be applied to a sibling or other child?

Yes, if a sibling is leaving the club, but another sibling is remaining at the club, credits can be applied to the sibling playing in 2020-21. If you would like to transfer the credit to a player outside your family, please let us know via an email to info@teamevanston.org.

How do I access TopTekkers? Does this impact my refund/credit?

No, accessing TopTekkers does not impact any credit/refund. TopTekkers is a technical, at-home training app designed with input from Premier League academy coaches. Access to the app is provided by the club. Invitations were sent the week of April 20th. If you did not receive the invite, please contact help@toptekkers.club. Weekly assignments (“tasks”) can be seen through the player’s home page under “My Top Training.”

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