Core Programming

2020-21 Core Program Summary

Our Core Program – included in your Annual Registration Fee – includes team training and league games as outlined below. All additional programs are available for a separate fee and offer more opportunities to fit your player’s needs. These programs offer our players additional “touches on the ball” and opportunities to develop technical and physical skills to further enhance their personal progress.

Download the Winter Player Development Plan.

Download the Fall 2020 Overview.

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2020-21 Core Program Summary

Fall SeasonAugust 17 – November 8August 17 – November 8August 17 – November 8August 17 – November 8August 17 – November 8
Spring SeasonApril 5 – May 28April 5 – May 28April 5 – June 13April 5 – June 13April 5 – June 13
# of Training Sessions/WeekFall/Spring2x2x2x2x2x
Location of Training/GamesFall/SpringBent, James, and Robert CrownBent, James, and Robert CrownBent, James, and Robert CrownBent, James, and Robert CrownBent, James, and Robert Crown
# of Games Fall/Spring6 games8 games8 games8 games8 games
Games: # of Players4 v 47 v 77 v 77 v 79 v 9
Roster Size6-711-1211-1211-1213-14
Fields/FacilitiesBent, James, and Robert CrownBent, James, and Robert CrownBent, James, and Robert CrownBent, James, and Robert CrownBent, James, and Robert Crown
Included Tournaments*OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Winter Season**January 2 – March 13January 2 – March 13January 2 – March 13January 2 – March 13January 2 – March 13
# of Training Sessions/Week Winter1x1x1x1x1x
# of Games Winter8 games8 games8 games8 games8 games
Player Progress Reports/Conferences1x per year1x per year1x per year1x per year1x per year

*Teams are able to enter additional tournaments for an additional fee

**Winter program is optional for Pre-Travel, U8, U9, and U10 but can be purchased as a package with a discount during the original Registration for the Core Program

Winter 2020-21

REALIZING OUR OPPORTUNITY: The opportunity in winter is to focus larger amounts of time to technical repetition since indoor training space is limited. This includes 1v1 attacking and defending skills, passing/ receiving in tight spaces and while under pressure, and moving to create quick numerical advantages. These are all inherent to success indoors and will improve player’s effectiveness when outdoors in the larger spaces.

ADAPTING TO IMPROVE: During winter we often play small-sided league games and even frequently play ourselves in the league. Through our own internal futsal league we can improve the speed of play by playing on the hard court and control the league including balancing teams, competition format, and officiating. Futsal keeps the games fast and competitive. Training groups will be organized into teams for these winter weekend futsal games so we can continue to create a competitive environment while we are indoors.

SAME GREAT POSITIVE, PURPOSEFUL, AND PROFESSIONAL COACHES: The format of the league play and the training surface changes, but the coaching and emphasis on development remains the same!

CONTINUING WITH A CURRICULUM: We will continue to theme our training sessions as a club so that all players in the age group are working on the same training topics.


  • By age group
  • Age groups will be combined to for league play or training based on registrations

Due to the combining of age groups, coaches will work training sessions and games with the age groups that they were originally scheduled to coach. The coaching staff will work together to balance conflicts.

What are the fees for each program?

$895 (or $365 per season)

$1255 (or
$485 per season)
(+ $695 Indoor)
(+$695 indoor)
Where can I buy a uniform?

Every two years, uniforms are discontinued by the manufacturer. All players throughout Team Evanston and each of the Fire Juniors networks join youth soccer club around the world wearing the same uniform product line in retiring the former uniform and selecting new uniforms.

2020-22 is the next 2-year cycle. Uniforms will be current and able to be used for this time.

Uniform information can be found here

Players and teams will not be allowed to compete wearing the old uniform. The uniform is part of representing the club and an important part of club’s identity. Teams and players are not granted exceptions as this would be unfair to the other teams throughout the club and network who purchase the uniform kit.

Team Evanston’s required uniform pieces have been reduced as the orange socks, while still required, are not mandated in the package (players may already have them from previous years). These socks are unchanged from last year. The backpack remains optional.

The one exception is the rising U12 age group (2009s) who buy a new CFJ kit in the intermediate year (2021-22) when they transition to CFJ. Requiring them to purchase now would mean 3-year of continual uniform purchases when a 2-year cycle was designed to reduce the annual purchase.

Open Registrations

Winter Registration is Open! (Nov 30–Mar 15)
Registration Deadline:Nov 05
Winter 2020-21 Feedback Conferences on Zoom (Jan 13–Jan 24)
Registration Deadline:Jan 11