Summer Camps

Camps Overview

Players participating on the Summer Training program will experience session planning following professional teaching methodologies:

  • Dynamic physical warm-up and activation
  • Introduction of the training’s key technical concepts
  • Progressive game-related technical activities that isolate skill development and encourage technical speed through repetition and gradual increases in defensive pressure
  • Conditioned small sided gameplay concentrating on player’s use of the technical skill in specific tactical situations
  • Physical cool down

All our camps are planned and coached by one of our professional coaching staff overseen by one of our club’s coaching directors. Upon registration, all players will receive a welcome packet.

Key Benefits
  • Experienced coaching from our certified, professional coaching staff
  • Training expectations for behavior
  • Uniform standards for each day
  • Instructions on what to bring to training
  • Camp schedule and itinerary
  • Camp training session plans

Soccer Tennis Saturdays

Soccer Tennis, sometimes called Soccer Volley, has become a popular game for players as it is both fun to play and competitive. Like tennis, Soccer Tennis Saturdays will have small soccer tennis courts set-up on grass where players can play in 1v1 or in small groups. These games are start with a player serving the ball over the soccer tennis net to their opponents. Each team has a maximum amount of touches to get the ball back across the net without it touching the ground. The game challenges players first touch, ball control from the air, and technical coordination. Most of all, Soccer Tennis is fun!

  • July 18th
  • August 1st
  • August 8th
  • August 15th
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Key Benefits
  • Improves 1st touch ball control from the air
  • Improves weighted (controlled) passing ability from the volley
  • Challenges body coordination and balance
  • Fun! Soccer Tennis is always a player favorite!

3v3 Training Camp

Leading up the club’s 1st Live 3v3 tournament on July 25th at James Park, Team Evanston is offering 3v3 training for U7-U19 players and 3v3 teams interested in learning the tactics and techniques used in 3v3 play. Each day will work on improving attacking and defending techniques by concentrating on specific technical skills and by using small-sided games. Training will include attacking 1v1 skills, defending 1v1 techniques, tactical decision making in transition, combination play, and goal scoring.

  • July 20 9:00-11:00am Get to Goal: Attacking 1v1 techniques
  • July 21 9:00-11:00am Creating quick 2v1s in attack
  • July 22 9:00-11:00am Defensive tactics: Cover, Deny, and delay
  • July 23 9:00-11:00am Pre-tournament 3v3 competition

Live 3v3 National Tour July 25th at James Park

Live 3v3 is a National 3v3 company that organizes and operates 3v3 soccer events for age 2014 (U7) – Adult. Live 3v3 ranks 3v3 teams and teams can qualify for additional events, such as regionals or nationals, through competing in their local events.

Live 3v3 Tournaments Event Website

3v3 Training Camp Information

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Key Benefits
  • Attacking and Defending 1v1 Techniques
  • Tactical decision making in transition
  • Combination play
  • Goal scoring

Top Striker Camp

Our Top Striker camp is open to players from all positions who have an interest in goal scoring. Players in the camp will train different goal scoring techniques from a variety of common game situations including creating their own space, combining with players to score, and scoring from passes crossed into the penalty area.

  • July 27 9:00-11:00 am Create your shot: changing speed and direction
  • July 28 9:00-11:00 am Make your mark: Ball striking and rebounds
  • July 29 9:00-11:00 am Crossing and finishing
  • July 30 9:00-11:00 am Box organization and beating the offside line

Top Striker Camp Information

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Key Benefits
  • Ball Striking from distance
  • Emphasis on scoring from rebounds
  • Organizing the striker’s movements in the box
  • Combination link-up patters to unbalance opposing defensive lines
  • Creating a shot from the dribble
  • Scoring from cut-back passes and crosses
  • Solving for the off-side line
  • Cultivating a goal-scoring mentality

Pre-season camp I & II

Our annual pre-season summer camp will prepare players technically, physically, and psychologically for the coming season. Technical and physical preparation will challenge players each day while the coaching staff works on introducing basic tactic concepts throughout the week. The technical standards for the 2020-21 season will be set using the Curriculum set forth by the Chicago Fire Academy. Small sided internal games to goals will be included each day of the game. The second week will finish with a club picnic.

The camp is recommended for all players on Team Evanston teams. The camp will conclude with a day full of scrimmage games, fun competitions, and a picnic.

Week 1: August 3-6
Week 2: August 10-13

Pre-Season Camp Information

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Key Benefits
  • Start training early with our coaching staff
  • Begin to work on technical topics specific to our curriculum
  • Get a head start of preparing for the season
  • Improve your fitness before the season begins

Summer Small Group Training

This training is open to all players, both inside and outside the club, at a time when we are all looking forward to playing soccer outside. For current players, it will be a fun way to see old teammates and clubmates again. For new players, this is a great way to get to know our coaching staff!

The goal of Small Group Training is to develop each player’s technical skills, while at the same time building fitness and engaging in fun competitions. Activities will focus on developing quick feet and technical skills with the ball; body feints, hesitations, dribbling, passing and shooting/finishing will be practiced during these sessions.

Small Group Training will follow social distancing guidelines as defined by the Illinois Youth Soccer Association’s (IYSA) Return to Activity Protocol.

Registration Details

  • Weekly registration: $50
  • 6-week registration: $250 (includes a week free!)

Schedule and Location

Summer Small Group training is planned to take place at James Park in Evanston.

Sessions will be held 2 times per week for an hour and will be scheduled between 4:30-8:00 pm on Mondays-Thursdays; more information will be released soon.

  1. June 8-11
  2. June 15-18
  3. June 22-25
  4. June 29 - July 2
  5. July 6-9
  6. July 13-16

Fridays will be rainout dates. Additional dates will be announced if required.

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Key Benefits
  • Challenging technical work under the direction of our experienced coaching staff
  • Fun, competitive, individual activities where players can compete against themselves and teammates
  • Boost fitness levels and improve agility, balance, and coordination while working with the ball
  • Getting back together! Seeing teammates, coaches, and clubmates again