North Shore Futsal League

Our futsal league will be played on a hard court with futsal-size goals (2x3 meters). While we will not have all the exact elements of professional futsal, we will have what is necessary to develop; the hard court for fast play, the heavier ball so the game is played on the ground, and the small space with limited players so the game is in constant transition.

We will play fast futsal, encourage the quick movements on/off the ball, and praise creative solutions while introducing the basic rules/nuances of the futsal game.

Players will register as individuals and the coaching staff will assign them a team at each session. This gives us the opportunity to balance teams as we launch the league. Games will be at either the Robert Crown Gym or on Quad Indoors Sports’ new court.

Games may be 5v5 (futsal standard) or 3v3 based on the total number of registrants for like ages. Age groups/genders may be mixed based on total number of registrations.


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Key Benefits
  • Improves first touch control
  • Improves player deception on the ball/technical creativity
  • Improve decision making on the ball/speed of play
  • Improves defensive positioning and recovery
  • Improves teamwork!

Summer Friendlies

Every summer, players look for opportunities to train and compete in games. This summer, we are offering the Summer Soccer Friendlies Series, one weekly training and one friendly game per week for players interested in regular training and game minutes during the summer months.

These new Summer Friendlies will allow players to play against other local clubs during the summer. Players will be place on new teams based on gender, age, and skill level.

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Key Benefits
  • Allows players to play against other clubs during the summer
  • Teams are formed based on age and skill levels
  • Allows players to continue regular training and games minutes during the summer

Free Play Fridays

Team Evanston sets up opportunities for players to play on Fridays under the guidance of a coach but without the coaching. This free play allows players a safe environment where they can enjoy the game with friends without any expectations for performance. This means players determine which skills to try or which passes to make. A Team Evanston staff coach oversees the environment to make sure it is safe and that equipment, including field time, is used equitably.

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Key Benefits
  • Free play in a safe environment
  • Get additional touches on the ball
  • Invite friends to play
  • Try all your skills

Chicago Fire Emerging Talent Program

Each year, players age U11-U14 are nominated by coaches from throughout the national Fire Juniors network for a unique summer training camp. This camp brings together coaches from around the national Fire Juniors network to train, give feedback, and select players for a national tournament later in the soccer year.

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Key Benefits
  • Greater exposure to more excellent Fire Juniors coaches
  • Additional competitive training and game opportunities
  • Thorough feedback in a performance focused environment

Open Registrations

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