Uniforms can be purchased through the links below. Please note that the backpack is optional.

Players and teams will not be allowed to compete wearing the old uniform this spring. The uniform is part of representing the club and an important part of the club’s identity.

U8: Purchase here.

U9-U11: Purchase here.

U12: Purchase here.
Note: Since the U12 age group (2009s) will buy a new CFJ kit in 2021-22 when they transition to CFJ, then they do not have to purchase the new Team Evanston uniform kit for 2020-21. Requiring them to purchase the new Team Evanston uniform kit now would mean 3 years of uniform purchases when a 2-year cycle was designed to avoid players buying uniforms every year. The U12 players that have the former uniform kit can continue in this kit for the Spring of 2021.

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