Every two years, uniforms are discontinued by the manufacturer. All players throughout Team Evanston and each of the Fire Juniors networks join youth soccer club around the world wearing the same uniform product line in retiring the former uniform and selecting new uniforms.

2020-22 is the next 2-year cycle. Uniforms will be current and able to be used for this time.

Uniform information can be found here https://www.chicagosoccer.net/club-zone/team-evanston.html

Players and teams will not be allowed to compete wearing the old uniform. The uniform is part of representing the club and an important part of club’s identity. Teams and players are not granted exceptions as this would be unfair to the other teams throughout the club and network who purchase the uniform kit.

Team Evanston’s required uniform pieces have been reduced as the orange socks, while still required, are not mandated in the package (players may already have them from previous years). These socks are unchanged from last year. The backpack remains optional.

The one exception is the rising U12 age group (2009s) who buy a new CFJ kit in the intermediate year (2021-22) when they transition to CFJ. Requiring them to purchase now would mean 3-year of continual uniform purchases when a 2-year cycle was designed to reduce the annual purchase.

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