Winter Programming


REALIZING OUR OPPORTUNITY: The opportunity in winter is to focus larger amounts of time to technical repetition since indoor training space is limited. This includes 1v1 attacking and defending skills, passing/ receiving in tight spaces and while under pressure, and moving to create quick numerical advantages. These are all inherent to success indoors and will improve player’s effectiveness when outdoors in the larger spaces.

ADAPTING TO IMPROVE: During winter we often play small-sided league games and even frequently play ourselves in the league. Through our own internal futsal league we can improve the speed of play by playing on the hard court and control the league including balancing teams, competition format, and officiating. Futsal keeps the games fast and competitive. Training groups will be organized into teams for these winter weekend futsal games so we can continue to create a competitive environment while we are indoors.

SAME GREAT POSITIVE, PURPOSEFUL, AND PROFESSIONAL COACHES: The format of the league play and the training surface changes, but the coaching and emphasis on development remains the same!

CONTINUING WITH A CURRICULUM: We will continue to theme our training sessions as a club so that all players in the age group are working on the same training topics.


  • By age group
  • Age groups will be combined to for league play or training based on registrations

Due to the combining of age groups, coaches will work training sessions and games with the age groups that they were originally scheduled to coach. The coaching staff will work together to balance conflicts.


  • Futsal is a small-sided game with fewer players and in a smaller space. It is played with a slightly smaller and heavier ball on a hard court.
  • The objectives are the same as soccer, but the natural emphases of the game are different. Players will be challenged to develop different techniques, change direction more, and read the game faster as the hardcourt plays fast, and the space is smaller.


  • Players’ first touch control is an important development difference targeted with futsal. Players will use more parts of their feet to control the ball (like the sole of their foot) and need more direction on their touch.
  • Deception is necessary in futsal. Players cannot simply receive and pass, and running with the ball is more challenging. Using body feints, multiple touches in the same stride, and two feet becomes common place in futsal as players need to find new solutions for the quick surface and near proximity of defenders.
  • Player movement and support changes with futsal. Formations are more dynamic, and play is more relative to teammates in futsal as compared to the structure of outdoor team formations.


  • Since the attacking goal and defensive goal is always very close, the players are quickly transitioning between attack and defense and defense and attack. Decisions on where to be and when are naturally emphasized in this game.
  • The space is tighter than the outdoor games as the space is smaller and the ball rolls quicker. This forces players into more 1v1 attacking and defensive situations as well as 1v2, 2v1, and 2v2.

Open Registrations

Winter Registration is Open! (Nov 30–Mar 15)
Registration Deadline:Nov 05
Winter 2020-21 Feedback Conferences on Zoom (Jan 13–Jan 24)
Registration Deadline:Jan 11