Team Evanston teams are organized by birth year and playing level. Teams are selected each year during the annual tryout in May. Players train and play league games during the year under the guidance of a professionally certified coach from Team Evanston’s coaching staff. Teams play in local soccer leagues that are based on both geography and level of play. At U13, Team Evanston becomes Chicago Fire Juniors North Shore.

Girls Teams

2013 Girls Pre-Travel (U7)
2012 Girls Orange (U8)
2012 Girls Blue (U8)
2011 Girls Orange (U9)
2010 Girls Orange (U10)
2010 Girls Blue (U10)
2009 Girls Orange (U11)
2008 Girls Orange (U12)

Boys Teams

2013 Boys Pre-Travel (U7)
2012 Boys Orange (U8)
2012 Boys Blue (U8)
2012 Boys White (U8)
2011 Boys Orange (U9)
2011 Boys Blue (U9)
2010 Boys Orange (U10)
2010 Boys Blue (U10)
2010 Boys White (U10)
2009 Boys Orange (U11)
2009 Boys Blue (U11)
2008 Boys Orange (U12)
2008 Boys Blue 1 (U12)
2008 Boys Blue 2 (U12)